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I love manga, not buah mangga (mangosteen) but manga, a kind of comic but with much more defined illustration (science/ tech), cute/ kawaii (big round eyes) and sometimes graphic (sexier/ adult content). I read tantei (detective) manga such as Detective Conan, Kindaichi Shonen Jikembo... Sports manga such as Eyeshield 21, Slam Dunk... Action such as Bleach, Naruto an so on...

It was in the 90s when Malaysia being much more supportive to manga, also with a lot of Japanese drama airing on tv, people started to look into the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan entertainment production such as anime, drama, movie and yes, manga.

The first manga that i had read was Jengking Merah (Red Scorpion), a story about human insect mutant, love and betrayal. Even the hero is Ichiro, i love the Veddar character the most. His loyalty to his brother, to his lover is the greatest idea of all. Lol. Thanks to Komik Remaja (known as KREKO nowadays), i've been introduced to more manga (weekly), RM4-5 each. But monthly, i bought Detective Conan and Kindaichi Shonen Jikembo. Hoho..

The name of the software that i wish to introduced is known as Dom Dom Soft. Its a software created to download manga. no more copy paste, one click and the download is running. 

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